Richmond web design company helps to launch innovative e-learning site

From left, Marie Duggan, Butterfly Touch Therapies, with Catherine Colling, from Reflections Media.

A Richmond web design company has helped to launch an innovative e-learning website for complementary therapists.

Catherine Colling, from Reflection Media, worked with former Richmond-based Maria Duggan, from Butterfly Touch Therapies Ltd to produce the site.

The pair worked on the project for two and half years.

The e-learning training evolved from an award-winning cancer care workshop created and delivered by Marie.

If someone is diagnosed with cancer, they are entitled to receive free complementary therapies on the NHS.

However, only therapists who have completed specific training in this field are legally allowed to treat patients with cancer.

This course is specifically for therapists to gain this qualification – and because it is now online and available globally – it means therapists from anywhere in the world can do the course, get the qualification, and then be able to provide treatments to cancer patients.

Within the field of complementary therapies, and from peer reviews the course has already received – this is the first of it’s kind available as an e-learning platform – as is already being considered an important step forward.

She said: “It is available to qualified reflexology, massage and reiki practitioners who wish to adapt their therapies and widen their understanding of cancer to treat patients with a cancer diagnosis at every stage of their treatments.

“The aim is to educate more therapists, to deliver their treatments to patients going through cancer diagnosis and treatments.

“We also want to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and improve quality of life for patients and carers at what can be a dark and fearful time in their lives.”

Catherine added: “This has been such an exciting project to be a part of and we have been so grateful for the opportunity to work with Marie at Butterfly Touch Therapies Training.

“Knowing from the outset that we were creating something that is ultimately going to make a difference to so many people all over the world, has been really special, and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”

The website is