Richmond’s HSBC branch to close

HSBC in Richmond before its closure. Photo: Google.

HSBC has announced its Richmond branch is to close.

The bank, which is one of 82 across the country set to shut this year, will close on August 6.

The Northallerton branch will shut on August 27.

HSBS says the closures are part of changes to how its branches will work.

HSBC spokesperson Jackie Uhi said: “Over the last few months, we’ve been conducting a number of pilots to test out a range of potential future branch formats at different locations to make sure we are giving customers what they want where they want it.”

She added: “The direction of travel is really quite clear and this is borne out by the reduction in branch usage and increase in digital interaction that we are seeing first-hand.”

Of the 82 sites closing, 81 are within a mile of a Post Office, two thirds are within five miles of another HSBC branch and nine in 10 are within 10 miles, the bank added.

HSBC branches in Leyburn and Hawes have already closed in recent years, while the district has also NatWest, Barclays and Yorkshire Bank branches.

Barclays said in 2019 that it would not close its two remaining branches in Richmondshire for at least two years.

The banks in Richmond and Leyburn were among more than 100 across the country which the company said would remain open until at least 2021.


  1. Oh great what about the people like myself that are disabled and the HSBC is the only bank we can get into not everyone is tech savy myself included I can’t travel to get into a branch that’s open I’ve banked with HSBC for 30 years and it’s like they have given no thought about the people that can’t get anywhere else so thanks for nothing HSBC

  2. We will end up with no bank in richmond at all. Barclays only left but for how long.? They say go to darlington.the banks there are not that big. So we are getting bullied to going on line. So much for not travelling because of covid 19. Putting our selves at risk just to get your money

  3. When HSBC closed in Hawes we were told the one in Leyburn would remain open, when that closed we were told the Richmond branch would stay open …….?

  4. Surely banks must realise that it is not through choice there is a reduction in branch usage. Where have they been for the last year? We have been told to stay at home and so of course digital interaction has increased. I would much rather be able to have interaction with a person in a local branch and keep people in work.

  5. Where will my Account be transferred to ??? l have been with the Richmond branch since 1974.

  6. Think its really unfair closing these banks in northallerton and richmond where are customers supposed to go now Darlington too far away how long before that one goes too

  7. There can no longer be any doubt that banks are in it for themselves and not their customers, as customers wouldn’t ask for branch closures. In any other business customers can go elsewhere but the trouble is they’re all at it. So now there will be no HSBC branches between Ripon and Darlington so heaven help those two.

  8. Darlington not an option as no parking outside bank. Car parks to far to walk. No longer shop at Darlington for past 15 years as not user friendly. Northallerton so much easier. Parking outside the door

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