Richmondshire care homes urged to allow essential care giver visits

Campaigners have urged Richmondshire care homes to allow residents to have an essential care giver.

Campaign group Rights for Residents says it has been made aware that some care homes in the district are not following government guidance of allowing all residents to have nominate an essential caregiver.

Diane Mayhew, co-founder of Rights for Residents, said: “It has come to the attention of Rights for Residents that there are some care homes in North Yorkshire who are breaching Government guidance and failing to ensure that all their residents are given the opportunity to nominate an essential care giver, who can continue to visit even during outbreaks.

“When two or more or residents staff test positive, this triggers an outbreak, halting all visits.

“While staff can now return to work after the five day isolation period, residents remain forcibly separated from those they love for 14 days.

“If there is another positive case during this period, the home locks down for a further 14 days. These rolling outbreaks are becoming more frequent and denying residents an essential care giver is cruel and inhumane.

“Many residents are already living limited lives and their basic rights to see those they love are being denied.”

The campaign group said some care homes were confused about the role of an essential care giver.

The group has issued the following information for care home residents and their families: