Richmondshire charity comes to aid of dog shot 11 times

Ruzgar on the vet's table.

A Richmondshire animal rescue charity has stepped in to help give a dog that was shot and left to die from 11 bullet wounds the chance of a happy future.

Ruzgar the rescue dog was shot in the street and left to die for more than two days right next to a café where men casually played cards all day.

The shooting took place in a rural Turkish village.

Eventually a resident alerted a vet who went to find him and take him in.

He found Ruzgar close to death and infection had already crept into his gunshot wounds.

On closer examination he was found to have neck fractures, was severely malnourished and the vet extracted no fewer than 11 gunshot pellets that were embedded in him.

He cleaned him up and for the next week he just lay still on an intravenous drip only able to move his eyes.

A week later, still unable to move, he was able to take his first mouthful of food.

After three weeks he began to move his hind legs and a few days after that he was finally able to stand and urinate for himself again.

Ruzgar’s plight was alerted to Animal Friends of Turkey, a UK-registered charity based in Brompton-on-Swale, by animal welfare volunteers living in the village.

The charity, run by Yorkshire woman Carol Holbrook, kept close tabs on his recovery and once he was strong enough, they agreed to take him into the care of their shelter in Fethiye, Turkey.

There he has been going from strength to strength and he is now integrating well with the other rescue dogs in their care there.

Now the charity has launched an appeal to help continue with Ruzgar’s care and also to fund his transport to the UK where a permanent forever home will be found for him.

“We have come across so many heart-breaking cases during the three years we have been running our rescue and rehoming operation over in Turkey,” said Carol.

“However, there are few that have been as sad and shocking as the cruelty shown to poor Ruzgar.

“Thank God for the vet who showed such wonderful kindness and determination to pull this boy through.

“He wouldn’t be here but for his care.

“Ruzgar is such a sweet boy and he is responding so well to the tender loving care he is now receiving at our sanctuary.  He is coming to understand that not all humans are cruel.”

It is likely to be another four to five months before Ruzgar, so named by the vet, can travel to the UK.

The charity is seeking donations to help them continue his treatment and to complete the journey of transforming the life of this boy.

Those wishing to help can do so by paying directly into the AFOT Paypal account (payable to Family & Friends or PayPal)…

“We still have some way to go with this special boy but we are determined to ensure he has the happy ever after ending he truly deserves.

“We would be grateful for any help people feel they can give us to make this come true for Ruzgar,” said Carol.