Richmondshire children promote road safety message

Children from Little Learners Nursery in Scorton are pictured with PCSO Vincent Long, Janice Randles (left) and Sarah Ditchburn from the nursery.

Richmondshire schoolchildren are joining forces with community safety experts next week to promote national road safety week.

They will be displaying banners and urging motorists to heed safety warnings outside their schools and nurseries.

Safer Richmondshire, local PCSO’s and the children are supporting the annual road safety awareness campaign.

And for 2019 Road safety week, organised by Brake from November 18 to 24, is pushing a ‘step up for safe streets’ message.

It wants people to think safety – heed speed limits and consider safe technology in vehicles; think healthy – consider walking and cycling as an alternative to cars; and step up – pledging to use roads safely, minimise vehicle use, and shout out for safer systems.

“Every 20 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on British roads and they are all preventable deaths,” said Richmondshire District Council corporate director, Colin Dales.

“We hope people in Richmondshire will think about safety on our roads 365 days a year but if we can make a difference in these days, the campaign will be more than worthwhile.”