Richmondshire company creates simple on-line system for businesses offering delivery service

A Richmondshire company has created a simple online order system for businesses offering a delivery service to those self-isolating due to the coronavirus.

The system has been created by Catherine Colling, from Richmond-based Reflections Media.

She said: “Obviously with everything going on in the community, we really wanted to do something to help, so we have spent the last few days creating a really simple online system aimed at helping any local business that is now having to diversify into offering delivery/takeaway services.

“Basically customers can go to the relevant business page, which will be fully branded etc and can also be added as a link to an existing website if needed, place their order, choose a delivery slot or pickup time, pay online upfront, and then the order goes through to the business.

“The advantages are that clearly that no actual money is changing hands so no need for social contact.

“Businesses know which orders they have in advance so can buy in accordingly, businesses have the money up front so should help with cashflow and hopefully they can keep trading.”

Catherine said they would be running the system at cost price to them, but it would be free to community groups.

For more details contact Catherine at