Richmondshire council tenants’ satisfaction increases

The results of a survey of Richmondshire’s housing tenants have shown satisfaction rates with their district council landlord are on the up.

Mermbers of the authority’s Corporate Board heard this week (Tuesday June 12) that all the council’s housing tenants were surveyed during September and October 2017 – to gauge satisfaction with a range of landlord services. The figures were compared with results from a similar survey carried out in 2014.

Overall, tenant satisfaction with landlord services has increased in those three years. Satisfaction with the Council as a landlord increased from 78% to 86% with similar results for the quality of tenants’ homes (84% to 92%) and having friendly and approachable staff (87% to 89%).

Positive increases in satisfaction were also seen on issues such as value for money, housing repairs and being a listening landlord.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Threlfall said: “It is important that we continue to monitor the satisfaction of our tenants on a regular basis so we can track satisfaction levels, seeing where satisfaction is on the up and where we need to make improvements.

“The survey results are very encouraging and show that we continue to be a good landlord.”

The full survey results are available from the Council’s Landlord Services team on 01748 829100.