Wensleydale councillor defends wearing of poppy after online abuse

Cllr Tom Jones.

A Richmondshire councillor says he will ‘never apologise’ after receiving online abuse for wearing a poppy more than two weeks before Remembrance Day.

Cllr Tom Jones, Conservative county councillor for the Scotton and lower Wensleydale division, wore a poppy while being interviewed live on national TV about the appointment of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister on Monday.

Following the appearance on ITV News, a twitter user posted : “Poppy t*** already and it’s still October.”

The tweet was liked more than 180 times, with other users agreeing with the sentiment.

One user said: “Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyy?”

Another added: “Virtue signalling of the Highest Order.”

But the councillor stood by the decision to wear the poppy in the face of the criticism.

Cllr Jones, who has family and friends in the armed forces, said: “I’m never going to apologise for wearing a poppy because for me thinking about the contribution of servicemen and women isn’t just a matter for 11 days in November, it’s year round.

“They’ve been on sale for over a week, and I take my advice from when they are on sale not from some guy on Twitter that has two-and-a-half followers.

“I’ve managed to get a look at the tweet and I must say, what trenchant criticism, I’m sure that’s strained the high reaches of his Corinthian intellect.

“I’m never going to apologise for wearing a poppy especially since I’m lucky enough to represent large parts of Catterick Garrison which is the biggest garrison in Europe.

“I represent loads of veterans and lots of current servicemen and women, mostly from the Army but there are some RAF staff there as well. I have friends and family in the armed forces.”


  1. Good on you Tom, please post the name of the tweeting tw4t so we can express sentiments about their willingness to forget

  2. Well done Tom!
    No comments forthcoming for Christmas cards & stuff being on sale from August. Obviously these strange people who criticise Tom haven’t anything better to do with their lives. How sad!

  3. I wear my poppy now as they are on sale, I am ex forces and support all our forces, and thank them for the sacrifices made, as for the pathetic tweeyer, what has it done apart from sitting in its bedroom hiding?

  4. You are not my councillor but good on you for showing the respect our armed forces deserve for giving us the freedom that allows some bigotted halfwit to troll you.

  5. Those who criticise British people for wearing a poppy at any time should pay a visit to the many places where the British Legion care for veterans of our armed services who have been injured physically or mentally in the defence of our country, which is funded in part by the poppy appeal and the work of many volunteers during the year. While there may always be those who are disrespectful of British traditions and the brave members of our community who are prepared to fight for our freedom, they may not have learnt that freedom is not without cost.
    I will be proud to do a “Thomas Jones” and wear my poppy with pride for longer than before, while joining with the many people in Yorkshire who are grateful for the work of our men and women who protect our liberty and freedom.

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