Richmondshire District Council agrees maximum council tax rise

Richmondshire district councillors have approved the maximum council tax rise they can.

The £5 rise to £220 for an average Band D property equates to a 2.33 per cent increase from April 2020.

This is the maximum rise allowed by central government this year.

District council bosses say it is in line with neighbouring local authorities.

Members of full council approved the rise last night.

The increase applies only to Richmondshire District Council’s tax requirement.

The average Band D property will pay £1955.14 for the 2020/21 year once precepts are applied by North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and local Town/Parish Councils.

Richmondshire District Council is responsible for the billing and collection of Council Tax on behalf of all these authorities.


  1. They’ll do exactly the same next year and the year after that. Got to keep their empire going.

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