Richmondshire District Council garden competition winners announced

The 2019 garden competition winners.

Green-fingered Richmondshire’s residents have come top of the league in the district’s annual gardening competition.

All council tenants are encouraged to make their gardens look ‘blooming lovely’ for the competition which looks to find the best gardens, window boxes, tubs, baskets, borders and vegetable patches.

They were given a month to get their plots in top condition before
mystery judging began.

They are judged in the five areas of the district – Central, Garrison, Lower Wensleydale, North Richmondshire and Upper Dales – with prizes for each area.

“The standard of gardens never disappoints us,” said Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale, who is pictured (right) with the winners.

“It is wonderful to see the district looking so beautiful again through the summer months. We have some regular winners but also some new gardens in the prizes this year which is good to see.”

The prizewinners are:

Central Area: First – Peter and Margaret Johnson, Richmond; Second – Peter Crouch, Catterick Village; Third – Susan and Russel Steele, Catterick Village

Garrison Community: First – Michael and Megan Clark, Catterick Garrison; Second – Harold and Marlene Bates, Hipswell; Third – Sylvia Williams, Colburn

Lower Wensleydale: First – Geoff and Betty Yare, East Witton; Second –  Elizabeth Rawlin,

East Witton; Third – Richard and Julie George, Hunton

North Richmondshire: First – Jeffery and Doreen Palferman, Melsonby; Second – Joanna

Crowe, Newsham; Joint Third – Peter and Carol Adamson, Melsonby and David and
Christine Ireson, North Cowton

Upper Dales: First – Graham and Rosemary Frankland, Reeth; Second – Eric and Susan
Turner, Reeth