Richmondshire business to distribute new milking cluster technology

James and Lindsay Hudson at the 2019 LAMMA Innovation Awards in December.

A Richmondshire business is distributing a new type of award-winning milking cluster which it is claimed reduces the risk of mastitis.

JF Hudson, which are based near Finghall, have become the agents for German-made system AktivPuls.

The cluster is designed to help eliminate teat-end damage, or hyperkeratosis.

Its makers say research has demonstrated the elimination of this thickening of the outer layer of skin at the teat-end, can reduce mastitis by 40 per cent.

AktivPuls says the build-up of callous tissue at the teat end is associated with the forces created by the milking vacuum and exacerbated by aggressive milking.

The technology behind the cluster is designed to avoid this damage and so enable the teat canal, which is the key primary physical and chemical barrier to the invasion of mastitis pathogens, to close properly.

Director James Hudson said: “The AktivPuls collapsible liners close during the rest phase, reducing pressure and teat trauma, so dramatically removing the risk of hyperkeratosis.

“Ideally, the muscles around the teat duct contract, so closing the teat canal in between milkings. This stops the movement of bacteria from the teat opening, into the mammary gland.

“Many studies have concluded that well-conditioned teat ends are important in restricting the bacterial colonisation of the gland.”

The cluster was a double award winner at the 2019 LAMMA Innovation Awards in December.