Richmondshire firefighters appeal for unwanted cars for rescue training

Richmondshire firefighters have issued an appeal for unwanted cars to help with training.

Crews use the vehicles to practise rescuing motorists after road traffic accidents.

Firefighter Emma Ward said: “We are always very grateful for second-hand cars.

“As well as our full-time crews, we have several retained crews operating in Richmondshire who need to do the training so we get through quite a few.

“It’s tricky when we get a dry spell and don’t have that many.”

Firefighters from Richmond Fire Station took part in an exercise this week at Colburn Fire Station.

They used a Vauxhall Astra donated by Redmire gardener Jonty Willis.

After flipping the vehicle onto its roof, they practised various techniques used to extract a motorist safely.

If you have a suitable vehicle call Richmond Fire Station 01748 823343 or send a message via Richmond Fire Station’s Facebook page here to arrange for collection.