Richmondshire firefighters help with South Yorkshire flooding relief effort

The flooding relief effort. Photo: North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Richmondshire firefighters have been posted to South Yorkshire to help with the flooding relief effort.

Crews from Richmond have been deployed to the area after more than a month’s rain fell in 24 hours.

The firefighters worked through Friday night pumping water away from homes.

One person has died and hundreds of homes have been flooded across South Yorkshire and the Midlands.

The Environment Agency said that 4.4in (112mm) of rain fell on the Peak District on Thursday, while areas of Sheffield got 3.4in (85mm) during the same period.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said: “Some places have seen a month’s worth of rain in one day.

“The rain is easing and moving south but obviously the impact of that will continue to be felt.”