Richmondshire green waste collection among cheapest in Britain

Richmondshire’s green waste collection service is among the cheapest in Britain, a study has found.

Data collected by BBC One’s Rip Off Britain revealed that more than half of councils had introduced charges for garden rubbish

The programme found that prices vary widely.

Harlow in Essex had the highest average cost at £96 a year, followed by Arun in West Sussex at £86 a year.

The lowest average costs were £18 a year in Monmouthshire and £22 a year in Richmondshire.

The Local Government Association said councils were forced to charge because they face a £5bn shortfall in funding from central government.

Rip Off Britain gathered responses under the Freedom of Information Act from 322 of the 326 UK local authorities responsible for waste collection.

It found that 172 charged to pick up garden waste.

The total charges for green waste collection have risen from £42.3m in 2014-15 to £56.9m in 2015-16, the data showed.



  1. No, they’re in the dearest 50% as, per your article, half of councils charge £0.
    Our last council managed not to charge for garden waste, or for rubble etc from DIY work, and used to sell bags of the compost they made at the recycling centre. It’s called planning and investment.

  2. Better to provide the calculation on a volume for volume basis…. Most Authorities prove 240 litre bins as minimum standard…. Richmondshire do not…. This does effect the data and not in a favorable way!

  3. Not as cheap as York
    They don’t charge extra and neither should any council

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