Richmondshire has the second best air quality in the UK, new report finds


Richmondshire has the second best air quality in the UK, a new study has found.

The report revealed the North West and Yorkshire has better air quality than those in the South East, with only Allerdale in Cumbria having purer air than Richmondshire.

The report was conducted by experts in air movement and ventilation solutions company Airflow.

It ranked every local authority and borough for each pollutant, creating an average of these rankings to give an overall score for air quality.

Comparing pollutant levels against national air quality objectives, the report reveals where unsafe levels can be found.

A recent study showed that cutting air pollution can improve children’s lung development, highlighting the need for local authorities and the government to clean up environments close to schools.

The analysis revealed that Allerdale has the highest air quality in the UK with NO2 levels over 60% lower than the national average and PM 2.5 levels 55% below the national average.

Richmondshire and Copeland follow close behind with NO2 levels 26% lower than the national average.

All areas in the top 10, have compliant levels of the major pollutants.

Kensington and Chelsea is the area with the worst overall air quality – with NO2 levels 59% higher than the national average and 6% higher than the London average.

Seven of the top 10 worst-affected areas in the UK were in London, with Enfield and Redbridge also in the top three. Barnet came 4th and Leicester ranked 5th, while Cardiff has the worst air quality in Wales.