Richmondshire marks VE Day anniversary with kindness and cake

Darcie marked the VE Day anniversary by delivering toffee to her neighbours.

Richmondshire did its best to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day while stile abiding by the lockdown restrictions

Many residents decorated their homes with flags and bunting and held socially distanced tea parties and picnics in their front gardens.

Other spent the day making sure the vulnerable and those who live alone were also able to mark the occasion.

In Scorton, volunteers from the community buddies scheme, which usually holds regular social events, delivered a VE Day afternoon tea to regular attendees

The group relies on grants and donations and recently launched a community book shelter scheme to pay for its work.

Cream teas ready to be delivered in Scorton.

Seven-year-old Darcie , from East Witton, is in isolation due to having cystic fibrosis but decided to mark the anniversary by making VE Day toffee and delivering it to her neighbours during her daily exercise.

In Richmond, five-year-old Charlie Ball invited his neighbours in Charles Court to a street party from their front gardens.

He and his two-year-old sister Imogen then delivered the invites to neighbours.

Mum Victoria said: “The turn out and atmosphere were super and we are very proud of him.”

A Catterick Garrison family has gone the extra mile with their VE Day anniversary, which includes keyworkers made from Lego.

Danielle Hughes-Francis said she and daughters, Alysha,13, Ava, 9, three-year-old Kyla and baby Darcie had worked “their bottoms off” on this display.

The decorations were made by drawn or printer by hand and features a huge flag belonging to her husband, who serves in the Army.

“We hope it brings a few smiles for such a special day,” Danielle said. [kofi]