Richmondshire mother calls for end to rewards for children with full school attendance

Seven-year-old Darcie has to attend regular medical appointments.

A mother with a daughter with cystic fibrosis has called for an end to rewards for children with 100 per cent attendance at school.

Ana Jones, 27, from East Witton, said the practice is unfair on those children who are unable to attend school every day for health reasons.

Ana’s seven-year-old daughter Darcie has cystic fibrosis meaning every day she takes 40 pills, has two sessions of airway clearance physiotherapy and has to take nebulised medications.

She also has to attend regular medical appointments.

So far this term her attendance is at 66 per cent.

Ana said many schools rewarded children for high and full attendance with certificates, treats and trips away.

She said she did not blame schools as it was Government policy, however she has called for the practice to stop.

Ana said: “It’s discrimination as Darcie is being set up to fail immediately.

“She can never achieve 100 per cent attendance. We shouldn’t be rewarding this anyway as it encourages parents to send their kids into school when they aren’t well enough and if Darcie even catches a cold it can become very serious and cause scarring in her lungs.

“I’m challenging the council and Government to stop rewarding healthy kids for coming to school and to stop demoralising and discriminating against kids who simply are too I’ll to attend all the time.”

She added: “All our precious kids need encouraging and rewarding. However there are other ways than via attendance.

“Even healthy kids get sick and can’t manage 100 per cent so this system is inappropriate for all.”

Ana has raised the issue with North Yorkshire County Council and Richmond MP Rishi Sunak.

The MP’s office said Mr Sunak had discussed Ana’s concerns with Schools Minister Nick Gibb.

She has launched a petition calling for the rewards to stop which has so far been signed by almost 1,000 people.

To sign the petition click here.


    • IT needs to stop as children get sick and IT not there folt and some children are not so lucky

  1. I have a daughter that has CF as well, she has missed ALOT of school due to illness, appts and admissions. I would never think to suggest taking away an award for attendance for others because my daughter wouldn’t win. I find it silly that her efforts are being out towards something negative. Use that eneryin a positive manner.

    • What is negative about equality? Imagine if your daughter caught a nasty infection from a child who was sent to school unwell. Imagine if your daughter ended up with permanent Kung damage because of it. When our kids are older they will face so many more challenges and if we haven’t got their back who has? You may feel I’m wasting my energy, however if so why did you waste your energy in commenting? I really hope your daughter is well and as she faces more obstacles as she gets older I hope you might then think back to this. There are so many amazing ways we can encourage and even reward our kids but taking away praise for a child with an illness or disability can have lasting consequences on their mental wellness. We need to fight for these kids and let them know it’s ok to he unwell and it’s brilliant to attend their appointments etc. I’ve heard of kids missing prom because they have needed IVs and their attendance was too low so they were banned from attending. I can guarantee these kids will remember their exclusions due to their CF. The kids who get treats for being healthy won’t remember them. I wish you and your family the very best in this relentless battles with CF.

  2. This happened with our son as he has Asthma. On one occasion he was let outside without a coat got a cold then was off school. I wrote to the school with my concerns. I am happy to support this and provide evidence to Support this in anyway I can.

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