Richmondshire Quakers welcome nuclear weapon treaty

Peace and Remembrance poppies at Bainbridge Quaker Meeting House.

Quakers in the district have welcomed an international treating prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons.

On January 22, the United Nation’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons passes into international law.

Over 50 nations have now signed the treaty to eliminate the weapons and the threat opponents say they pose to the environment and human survival.

Members of Wensleydale and Swaledale Area Quaker Meeting have joined Quakers around the world to call for the weapons to be banned and the treaty to be adopted.

A spokesperson said: “Practically, their use is becoming obsolete as warfare moves towards cyber crime and drone warfare.

“Our government wants to spend over £200 billion on upgrading our nuclear weapons and Trident submarines when the threat to us all is Covid-19 and climate change.

“We welcome this moment of light in these dark times and urge our government to join others working for a more peaceful solution to our problems.”

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