Richmondshire recycling centres to remain shut despite Government go-ahead to reopen

Richmondshire District Council has seen a rise in fly-tipping in recent years.

Waste centres across North Yorkshire will stay shut despite a government go-ahead for them to reopen.

North Yorkshire County Council has confirmed its 21 recycling sites will remain closed until further notice – as other councils reveal reopening plans with reduced opening hours and stricter health and safety rules.

The move for sites to reopen was confirmed today, Tuesday, in Parliament by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.

He said: “The government published advice to councils on how to ensure the safety of refuse collections on 7th of April.

“And today I am announcing that I am asking councils to plan the organised reopening of household waste collection sites.

“I expect this to happen over the coming weeks and we will publish updated guidance shortly.”

As more people stay home, officials are said to be concerned at the amount of waste piling up.

Some councils in the region have reported a rise in fly tipping.

Ian Fielding, Waste Management Assistant Director at North Yorkshire County Council, said: “Our household waste recycling centres remain closed for public safety and to cut non-essential travel. If guidance on travel is changed then we will reconsider how and when to open sites.”

The council is urging residents to minimise their waste.

It said people should not start DIY or gardening projects if they do not have space to store rubbish until recycling centres reopen.

Mr Fielding added: “The choice to close was one we made together with almost every other council in England. We understand that our HWRCs are a popular and important service.

“We want to see them open and will do so as soon as we can.”

It comes as Boris Johnson said yesterday the country was moving into stage two of the virus.

Ministers are set to review the lockdown rules by May 7, and have stressed they could toughen some and relax others. [kofi]


  1. Open the skip sites u will only get more fly tipping which will cost the council more In the long run the council are able to do it but just cant be bothered

  2. Why should we be different? Of course people are going to do jobs around the house and garden during these difficult times. We have to keep busy and have goals.
    If fly tipping in this area happens, it is only to be expected.
    Please think again. Let common sense prevail.

  3. Find a safe way to reopen these centres and also remove all charges for householders using cars vans and small trailers. If they remain closed, not only will fly tipping increase but sites will be overwhelmed when they do reopen.

  4. Shame on you Richmond. the two meter rule can be easily adhered. Your promoting fly tipping.

  5. Will the council please either safely open these recycling centres or take urgent action to end the vile daily pollution in the Olliver Road/Mile Planting area being caused by some selfish idiot(s) burning garden waste. In these times when we are confined to our gardens we must be able to breath clean air and not health damaging totally unnecessary particulate pollution

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