Richmondshire residents to get letters advising of garden waste collection changes

Richmondshire residents who subscribe to the garden waste collection scheme are getting letters advising of changes.

Following the launch of North Yorkshire Council, the county’s garden waste service is being standardised to ensure all residents receive the same provision.

A council spokesperson said: “Today all subscribers to the existing scheme in the former Richmondshire area will receive letters and emails telling them they can now sign up to the 2024 collection service.

“Any residents in this area who haven’t used the council-run service before can also subscribe from today. Subscriptions for the remainder of the county will open in early February.”

A licence for the 2024 season costs £46.50 for fortnightly garden waste collections between March and early December, with the licence covering one 240-litre wheelie bin.

This is an increase of £21 on the previous year’s tariff, when residents had a 140-litre bin.

“Anyone who doesn’t wish to pay for the service can take their garden waste to one of the household waste and recycling centres or compost at home,” the spokesperon added.

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  1. Is this the new digger better North Yorkshire Council who told us being one big outfit would save money and make it cheaper to run?

    Well it doesn’t look like it’s working very well and we’re only in the first year of these so called new Councillors running the show.
    Not a very good start we can only hope they improve.

  2. Why do ordinary households need new bins? What will happen to the old ones?
    Surely anyone who does need a bigger bin could just ask for one!

  3. Presumably their excuse for a 54% rise is that the bin is 58% larger. I did not subscribe to two bins last year as I did not need 2 bins. In other words, I do not need a bin nearly twice the size as the one I had last year. Charge the people who need 2 bins the £46.50. This is totally outrageous.

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