Richmondshire residents warned about unscrupulous waste removal services

A fly-tipped rubbish fire on Grinton Moor. Photo: AL Pyrah.

Richmondshire residents are being urged to be extra vigilant when employing ‘man with a van’ services for removing waste.

The district council says it has seen a recent increase in fly tipped waste from unscrupulous people who claim to be licensed to dispose of household rubbish.

“Householders are paying to have their rubbish taken to the tip but sometimes that ‘man in a van’ doesn’t have a licence to do so, so just dumps it by the roadside,” said corporate director, Colin Dales.

“He fly tips the material they paid to have removed – and they are ultimately responsible for its disposal.

“We ask residents to please remember that it is their waste and therefore their responsibility – if it’s found dumped, even if someone else has dumped it, they will be held responsible and could face a fine.

“We urge people not to be caught out by this and only use licensed tradespeople to remove rubbish from their homes – or take rubbish to the tips themselves where possible.” [kofi]