Richmondshire school to give laptops to all year 7 pupils

From right to left it's Colin Scott, headteacher, Mark Kirkbride, head of D&T and looking after the roll out of the Chromebooks, and Kieran Pearson, transition coordinator.

A Richmondshire secondary school has announced plans to give laptops to all year 7 pupils starting in September.

Risedale Sports and Community College has made the decision after realising that many of its pupils suffered “inequality in their learning” because they were unable to access online lessens provided for them during the lockdown.

Headteacher Colin Scott said the school had invested heavily in technology over the last two years, including new computers in classrooms and new wifi around the site.

He added that the school now intended to ramp this provision up further.

“During the pandemic, it has been apparent that many of our young people have suffered inequality in their education by being unable to access the online learning provided for them.

“This is going to change starting September 2020. Although steps have been taken to help the most disadvantaged with the loan of technology the school has limited numbers to lend out.

“So starting In September all of our year 7 pupils will be issued with a personal laptop device to increase the range of high quality learning opportunities available to them, ensuring support to learning and securing rapid progress.”

Mr Scott said the Chromebooks would be for use by pupils to use both in school and at home.

He added: “Students need to be prepared for an increasingly digital world.

“Research has confirmed that good home access to technology has a positive impact on a child’s educational achievements; it often motivates them to do schoolwork by providing more interesting and engaging ways to learn.”

The headteacher said the school had committed to issuing personal devices every year going forward.

“Within four years all of the young people attending Risedale will have their own personal device to help with their learning.

“All of this is at no cost to any parent and represents a substantial and ongoing financial commitment by governors, senior leaders and teachers of your local community school and will last as long as we are able to afford it.

“Exciting times are ahead and we welcome the support of parents to keep this and all other initiatives going for the benefit of all children who live in Catterick and attend Risedale Sports and Community College.”