Richmondshire schoolboys join rugby league academy

Noah Bangura, Harry King, and Seth Clapham from St Francis Xavier School.

Four Richmondshire teenagers have signed a two-year contract with professional rugby league club Newcastle Thunder.

Harry King, Seth Clapham and Noah Bangura, from St Francis Xavier School in Richmond, as well as Elijah Delaidriti from Richmond School, will be part of the club’s academy team.

The boys all play for Catterick Crusaders RLFC.

Harry said he was “overjoyed” told the news, adding: “I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Noah said he was “buzzing” to be told he would be joining the academy.

Jack Marley, head of boys PE at SFX, said: “It’s a huge achievement to have one student signed with a pro rugby league club but to have three students, and all from the same year group is unbelievable.

“These three boys are outstanding players who form a key part of the school’s rugby team, which are area champions in year 10 and 11.”