Richmondshire schools allow pupils late start after Euro 2020 final

Wembley Stadium. Photo: M(e)ister Eiskalt.

Children at several Richmondshire schools will be allowed a lie in on Monday if they want to watch the Euro 2020 final.

Schools have told parents they can bring their children in for 10.30am following the match on Sunday night between England and Italy, which kicks off at 8pm.

Brompton-on-Swale Primary School has told parents on its Facebook page: “If your child is a football fan and likely to be staying up until after 11pm on Sunday to watch the final, then let them stay in bed a bit longer and get to school by 10.30am at the latest on Monday.

“We would rather have children rested and in school ready to learn rather than absent all day or grumpy!”

The same message has gone out to children at Michael Syddall Primary in Catterick Village.

They have told parents: “Sunday evening marks a major event in the history of our National game.

“It’s been 55 years since the England men’s team reached a major football final and may be the only time that some of us are lucky enough to see this happen – although hopefully not!

“So please, let your children watch; enjoy the spectacle; sing the national anthem; spend time as a family or with friends; encourage children to admire the teamwork, resilience and encouragement shown; talk about the very possible chance of disappointment and how best to deal with this and cheer so loud that they can hear you in Wembley.”

Le Cateau in Catterick Garrison have gone a step further and announced that Monday is a celebration day with children allowed to come in late and wear their football kit or something red, white and blue.