Richmondshire sites wanted for potential development

Residents, landowners, developers and businesses are being asked to nominate sites in Richmondshire for potential development.

The district council is looking to update the development land supply in its local plan by undertaking a further call for sites.

It involves updating the status of sites submitted previously and identifying additional sites available for development within the plan aream which outside of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Sites can be submitted which may have potential for development for range of uses – including housing, economic development, retail, leisure and community facilities.

They must be submitted by February 28, 2022.

All submitted sites will be assessed for their likely suitability, availability and achievability for development through the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).

The SHELAA is not a policy document but provides evidence on the availability of land in the Local Plan area to meet the housing target for the new Local Plan 2018-2039.

“The submission of a site through the call for Sites process does not necessarily mean that it will be selected for inclusion in the Local Plan or be granted planning permission,” said corporate director, Callum McKeon.

“This is a technical exercise aimed at identifying potential sites for development and the choice of sites will not be made until later in the plan-making process – and will be made in full consultation with the community and stakeholders.”

Further information on the process and the online survey for submitting sites is available from the council’s website using the following link or contact the planning policy team on 01748 829100 or