Richmondshire small businesses urged to take part in rate relief review

The second part of a district council review of Richmondshire properties receiving small business rate relief starts this week.

It is aiming to make sure the right relief is going to the right businesses.

Property owners are being urged to look out for an email coming to them this week where they need to complete a form updating their information.

Without that form the council cannot apply small business rate relief to eligible properties.

“For the first time this annual review is being carried out electronically – all eligible ratepayers must complete the review form within 14 days to prevent the possible removal of the relief from business rate accounts,” said Brian Bottle, revenue, benefits and customer services manager.

“Once complete our records will be up to date and we will be giving the relief to the correct businesses.”

For the small number of properties where the council does not hold an email address, the information will be sent by letter.

This part of the review process does not include properties listed as self-catering holiday accommodation as they have already been reviewed