Richmondshire supermarkets urge shoppers to abide by new rules

Campbells manager Richard Walker behind a new safety screen.

Supermarkets in Richmondshire are rising to the challenge of feeding the district — and are asking shoppers to do their bit by abiding by new rules put in place to keep customers and staff safe.

Stores have seen unprecedented demand since restrictions were put in place by the Government to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Richmondshire’s stores have remained opened and managers saying they are doing their best to keep shelves stocked during the crisis.

However, they have urged shoppers to do their bit to keep themselves and staff safe by abiding by new rules that have been put in place in shops.

All stores have asked that wherever possible only one family member goes shopping and that shoppers keep two metres away from other customers and store staff.

Shoppers have also been urged to shop for essential items only.

Campbells of Leyburn is limiting the number of people in the store at any one time.

They have also installed new partitions at the checkouts to protect staff and customers.

Store manager Richard Walker added: “Please shop sensibly and buy essential items only — it is not the time for browsing.”

Richard also asked shoppers not to spend time chatting in the store, even at a safe distance, as it could mean people were waiting outside longer.

Tesco in Catterick Garrison are only allowing in 75 people at a time.

A barrier system is in place when they reach capacity with two meters distancing in between each person.

They are then operating a ‘one in one out’ system.

A cleaning station has also been installed for shoppers to clean trolley handles if they wish.

Co-op stores in the district have also introduced measures since the outbreak and is urging shoppers to pay by car if possible.

Jonathan Barker, manager at the Co-op in Leyburn, said: “We would ask that unless absolutely necessary can people shop on their own and not in couples or groups

“This cuts down the number of people in store and the amount of people my staff are exposed too — we are in the store for up to 8 hours and we are serving around a 1,000 people plus still every day.”

Jonathan urged shoppers to adhere to the lines on the floor at the till point.

“If possible please use the self serve tills also as this will cut down on queues and us having to stop customers coming in until we clear them,” he added.