Richmondshire taxi company changes hands

From left, John Gardner, from Take Me Group, with Michael and Veronica.

A Richmondshire taxi company is changing hands following the retirement of its owner.

Catterick Garrison-based Star Cars Taxis has joined the Take Me Group.

Star Cars Taxis owner Veronica Rowlatt has announced she is retiring after nearly 18 years to spend more time with husband Michael and her daughter Ellen.

She thanked all the Drivers, staff and customers for their enormous support over the years.

“My husband Michael is well into his retirement and if I don’t stop now to be with him, I fear I’ll regret it.

We also have a daughter that’s just gone to University in Dublin, and we miss her and want to spend more time with her too.

I want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your part in making Star Cars Taxis the brand it is.

It’s time to hand it on to people that can take the company into the next decades, who have much more skills and knowledge than me.”

Veronica said the Take Me Group were building a brand throughout the UK and had more than 2,000 taxis, with 2,000 more in the pipeline.

She added: “We have been approached many times to sell Star Cars Taxis but never wanted to sell, until we met these guys.

I know you are going to love them, as much as we have dealing with them, through this sale transaction.

Their intention is to only add good things to Star Cars Taxis, that they have learnt with their joint over 100 years taxi experience.”