Richmondshire Today’s most read stories of 2018

Richmondshire Today’s online local news website had more than two million page views in 2018.

Among the most read stories of the year are tragic incidents, serious court stories, weather-related chaos on the roadside stories and one story about a councillor’s belief that farms no longer have a place in Richmondshire’s villages.

Here are our ten most read stories of 2018:

1) The biggest story in terms of views, with more than 11,000 in total, was the recent report on the shock closure of the Fleece Hotel in Richmond.

The hotel had only been open since the summer when staff were told they were losing their jobs and the company was going into administration.

Peter Coulson, from owners Within Reach, said the intricacies of the building and their “determination to deliver the highest quality workmanship” had meant the build process had taken longer than planned and they had found themselves launching the business in an “unexpectedly difficult economic environment”.

Read the full story here.

2) The second most read story was a report on a serious accident on the B6255 near Newby Head Farm, between Hawes and Ingleton, on September 23.

Police appealed for witnesses after two motorbikes and a car were involved in the collision in the Yorkshire Dales.

One causality, a female, was taken to James Cook Hospital by the Great North Air Ambulance with serious injuries.

Read the full story here.

The scene of the accident. Photo: Thomas Beresford.

3) The third most read story was a report on a battle for planning permission between two farms in Barton.

However, it was not the details of the scheme to build 35 homes on Rose Villa Farm or a similar proposal at The Ashes Farm in the village that attracted readers.

Instead, it was comments by Richmondshire councillor Jamie Cameron saying that farms no longer had a place in villages that particularly interested people.

Cllr Cameron stated that people didn’t like the smell or the tractors. However, many on social media were unimpressed by his comments.

Read the full story here.

Richmondshire councillor Jamie Cameron.

4) A report on problems on the roads caused by heavy snow on March 18 was the fourth most read story.

The A66 route was shut for more than 24 hours following the blizzard.

Problems on the A66 caused by snow. Photo: Brian Steadman.

A number of accidents were reported and dozens of drivers became stranded on the trans-Pennine route.

Read the full story here.

5) An incident in Catterick Garrison on July 28 was the site’s fifth most read story with more than 7,000 page views.

At the time of the report, all we knew was that a man had been charged after an incident near Hildyard Row.

Residents reported hearing two loud bangs. It later emerged that the bangs had been caused when a man had hit an electricity box with an axe which had caused a power cut.

The man was jailed for a number of offences including assaulting two women.

Read the full story here.

6) An unpleasant story from court was the sixth most read story.

York Magistrates Court heard how Richmond man Sean Lennon, who has a number of previous convictions for violence, attacked his girlfriend after she told him their relationship was over.

Lennon poured aftershave on his pregnant girlfriend and held a lighter to her, the court heard.

Sean Lennon, 26, was sentenced to 20-weeks in prison, suspended for two years after admitting assault.

Read the full story here.

7) A fatal collision on the A1 in May was the seventh most read story.

A lorry driver died at junction 50 of the A1M near Baldersby when his articulated lorry hit the back of a car transporter.

The lorry caught fire after the collision.

Read the full story here.

8) Another fatal collision on local roads was the eighth most read story.

Richard Birks, 68, died in December 2017 when the silver Daihatsu Terios he was driving collided with a Citroen Van, in icy conditions on Range Road, Catterick Garrison.

The 34-year-old male driver of the Citroen van and his 12 year-old male passenger were in shock but did not sustain any injuries.

Mr Birks, from Arkengarthdale, worked at Tesco in Catterick Garrison.

Read the full story here.

Tesco paid tribute to Mr Birks on its Facebook page.

9) A raid by police on KOKO/Kabana Sports Bar in Shute Road, Catterick Garrison, attracted more than 7,000 page views.

Two people were arrested on drugs offences in the operation on April 7.

The bar has since closed down.

Read the story here.

Police outside KOKO.

10) The final story to make the list is one from November about a heavy-drinking conman who ran up large bar and accommodation bills at pubs and then left without paying.

The man visited the Wyvill Arms in Constable Burton and built up a bill of £195.50 in one afternoon.

As well as a steak pie for lunch and a fillet steak for tea, the man drank his way through four bottles of Peroni, 14 vodka and colas, four large white wines, two gins and two pints of Hop House lager.

The man had booked for two nights and stayed at the Wyvill that night, before leaving the following day saying he was going to meet his wife and would be back.

Read the story here.


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