Richmondshire villages left without post for more than a week

Photo: Kenneth Allen

Residents of some villages in Richmondshire say they have not had any post for more than a week.

Villagers who have queried the delay have been told that postal bosses asked workers to take annual leave last week due to the forecast for snow.

It is expected the backlog will start to be cleared this week, but residents have expressed concern about delays to important mail including medical test results and Covid-19 vaccination appointments.

One resident of upper Swaledale said they didn’t get any post last week.

They added: “I though bad weather was to blame but apparently not.

“A post worker told me the reason we’ve had no post, along with rest of the region, is that out 50 staff 33 had to take leave at management request.

“This left only 17 staff working the region due to the management making people take holiday.

“I can only imagine the backlog this has caused for test results etc and missed appointments.”

Another resident of Fremington said she had tried to get her post from the sorting office in Richmond, but was told this would not be possible.

She said: “I asked if I could have my post but I was told because of the forecast for snow the previous weekend, Royal Mail told their staff to go home.

“This means there is no-one available to find my post.”

The resident was told they may be doing deliveries in her area today.

Delays have also been reported in the Richmond area and the surrounding villages.

Richmondshire Today has contacted Royal Mail for a response.


  1. We have had no mail for over 7 days.Oil and Amazon deliveries continued throughout the week and the access roads remained open.
    Perhaps a one or two day delay may be acceptable but over a week with no mail is totally unacceptable.
    It seems poor management is to blame. I await the Royal Mail comment with interest!

  2. If this withdrawal of the mail service was planned why didn’t Royal Mail let those affected know?
    I registered a complaint with Royal Mail and their response was that COVID was to blame ( despite the fact that, up to last week, there has been no disruption to the service)

  3. Bring back the likes of Jack Rukin who got the mail through irrespective of the weather. They don’t make them like thet used to!!!!!

  4. We haven’t had any mail for over a week and are waiting for important news regarding our covid appointments and other news. ( Middleton Tyas) which is ludicrous.

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