Richmondshire voters back Brexit Party

Photo: Paul Downey.

Voters in Richmondshire came out in support of the Brexit Party at this week’s European Parliament elections.

The party received more than twice as many votes (5,280) as its nearest rival, the Liberal Democrats (2,508).

The Conservative Party (1,681) was pushed into third in the district, while Labour (543) received fewer votes than the Green Party (1,571) and the Yorkshire Party (593).

In total 13,365 people cast their vote, meaning the turnout was 36.29 per cent.

Here is the breakdown of votes made in Richmondshire:

  • The Brexit Party 5,280
  • Liberal Democrats 2,508
  • Conservative and Unionist Party 1,681
  • Green Party 1,571
  • The Yorkshire Party 593
  • Labour Party 543
  • Change UK – The Independent Group 479
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP) 475
  • English Democrats 130

The votes cast in Richmondshire were added with others from across Yorkshire and the Humber.

The outcome is that the region will be represented by three Brexit Party MEPS, one of Labour, one Lib Dem and one Green.

They are:

  • Brexit Party – John Longworth, Lucy Elizabeth Harris and Jake Pugh
  • Labour – Richard Corbett
  • Liberal Democrats – Shaffaq Mohammed
  • Green Party – Magid Magid





  1. I wonder if the outcome would have been the same if any of the 63% of the population who couldn’t be bothered to vote had turned out? I hope they won’t complain about it!

  2. The only idiots are the ones who kiss the backside of the EU Bullyboys.What a set of big babies they are.Dont like the result so they all start acting worse than children.Go change your nappies & go suck on you’re dummies you big babies.Up the Brexit Party.

  3. And what is the Brexit parties manifesto for change within Europe and God forbid what is it for the country if they win an election here let’s see scrap the NHS scrap workers rights and are they full of right wing racists?

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