Riding for the Disable group members to fundraise by packing shopping bags

RDA members in Swinton Park.

Shoppers at Tesco in Catterick on Saturday will be able to get their bags packed by volunteers from the local Richmond & Catterick Group Riding for the Disabled (RDA).

The group holds lessons for children and adults with disabilities on Wednesdays and on Saturdays at the Catterick Garrison Saddle Club.

Some of these riders will be packing bags at the supermarket.

Jacquie Warner, spokesperson for the group, said: “As there are many ongoing costs to continue to offer lessons, shoppers are urged to donate for this service, as well as learning what Richmond & Catterick Group RDA does, and to encourage more volunteers to join the group.

“There will be an information table with leaflets and flyers and a banner at the front of the store.

“Thanks are due to Julie, Tesco’s community champion for helping to organise this event for the RDA group.”