Risedale College closed until Monday due to sickness bug

Colin Scott shares a science lesson with Risedale pupils.

Risedale Sports and Community College has announced it will close for two days due to the sickness bug.

The school’s head Colin Scott said they had taken the “exceptional decision” to shut tomorrow and Friday after a dramatic decline in pupil numbers.

It is the second school in Catterick Garrison to shut because of the norovirus, also known as winter vomiting bug.

Carnagill Community Primary School, in Catterick Garrison, will remain shut on on tomorrow, but is due to reopen on Friday.

Mr Scott said in a letter to parents: “We are aware that many people within the local community are enduring a bout of illness caused by a winter virus, including a spread of the norovirus.

“Over the last few days, pupil attendance numbers have dropped dramatically and continues to fall. As always the health and well-being of pupils is paramount.

“In view of this, and having taken independent advice, we have taken the exceptional decision to close the school on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November.

“We hope that this will allow any pupils currently suffering with illness a few days to recover and will prevent the risk of any infections spreading further.”

The head said a deep clean would be carried out at the school during the closure so that the school will be ready and safe for pupils to return on Monday.

He added: “Please know that we do not take the decision to close the school lightly and are aware of the impact on parents and issues around work commitments and child care.

“I hope you all agree, this is the right course of action to help pupils recover and be fully fit by Monday ready for a return to school.”

Elsewhere in Catterick, Wavell Infant and Nursery School said staff had analysed its pupil absences and only a “very small amount of children” in the school were showing one or both of the symptoms of norovirus.

“The majority of our children are absent for other matters,” the school added in a post on social media.