Risedale College rated ‘good’ by Ofsted

Risedale pupils celebrate the good Ofsted rating.

Students and staff at Risedale Sports and Community College are celebrating after Ofsted rated the school ‘good’.

The rating comes after inspectors visited the Catterick Garrison school for two days in November.

It means the school keeps the status it achieved after the previous inspection in 2015.

Inspectors concluded that pupils enjoyed attending Risedale because it “was a caring community”.

They said parents spoke positively about how their children were made to feel welcome when they started school. 

They also found that bullying was rare and, if it did happen, staff fixed the problem quickly.

The report added: “Pupils behave well around the school and in lessons.

“Low-level disruption occurs sometimes. Pupils are eager for this to stop completely.

“Leaders and staff do not give up on pupils who misbehave. They exhaust all avenues before thinking about using fixed-period or permanent exclusion as a sanction

“Staff have introduced a wide range of support measures to help pupils manage their emotions and build confidence.

“Pupils are happy and feel safe in school.”

Inspectors noted that school leaders had thought hard about how they could help pupils achieve well and enjoy

They added: “For example, leaders have recently introduced drama into key stage 3 to help improve pupils’ confidence.

“More pupils are choosing a modern foreign language, history and geography in key stage 4.

“This is because the key stage 3 curriculum is now preparing them well for further study in these subjects. Pupils are now achieving more strongly in English and mathematics.”

Inspectors identified several areas were school could improve.

They said leaders should continue to develop the role of governors, so they become more skilful in holding leaders to account.

They added that school leaders should ensure that subject leaders planned the curriculum to the same high standards and that in some lessons, teachers did not follow the school behaviour policy consistently.

“Leaders must ensure that all teachers follow the school’s behaviour management policy so that all staff have the same high expectations and low-level disruption is eliminate,” the report added.

In response to the report, Risedale principal Colin Scott said he was delighted that Ofsted had “recognised all the excellent work happening here at Risedale by our staff and students”.

He added: “There were many comments that I was delighted to read within the report but for me the first line truly reassured me that the inspectors were able to see the real ‘Risedale family’ as we like to call it.

“Pupils enjoy coming to Risedale Sports and Community College because it is a caring community.”

Risedale principal Colin Scott said “tenacity and resilience” has become an integral part of the school’s ethos, and was something that has been successfully bought into by students, staff and parents alike.

He added: “Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, which has shaped a diverse, nurturing and broad learning environment. We will not give up on our pupils.”

Beki Bulmer, chair of governors at Risedale, said: “We are so pleased that the continued high quality of education at Risedale Sports and Community College has been confirmed by Ofsted.

“I am proud to be a governor at Risedale and look forward to continuing to support the school as it pushes to achieve even greater heights.”

Since the last inspection the school said attendance had risen by 3.5 per cent, exclusions were currently at zero and the school population has increased from 418 pupils to 535.

You can read the report in full here.