Risedale pupils get history lesson from Green Howards Museum

Risedale pupils take part in the live stream lesson with Carl Watts, from the Green Howards Museum.

Pupils from Risedale Sports and Community College have taken part in a live stream history lesson hosted by the Green Howards Museum in Richmond.

The interactive workshop was part of a pilot project run by the museum to support teachers and students virtually in the classroom while they are physically unable to visit the museum due to the pandemic.

Prior to the event, Risedale’s head of history, Alex Lipinski, liaised with museum’s learning officer, Carl Watts and together thet selected a range of artefacts and historical objects which the pupils could look at and touch to support their learning.

Mr Lipinski said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for our pupils at Risedale and something that I wouldn’t have thought was possible given the current restrictions.

“Risedale’s partnership with the Green Howards Museum has long been established and it’s great that our youngest pupils aren’t missing out. We want to embed local history into our curriculum, and we are working with Green Howards to be able to do this, as well as establishing a history champions club to develop a love of learning of history across all year groups.

“Pupils were really engaged and it was lovely to see them eagerly putting their hands up to answer questions and contribute to the group discussion.”

One student brought in a coin from home to be identified during the lesson and another said she believed that a relative of hers had served in the Green Howards many generations ago.

Mr Lipinski and Mr Watts agreed that they would keep in contact and continue their investigations.

Carl said: “I was so impressed with the pupils.

“Their answers were brilliant and they definitely have some budding historians at Risedale.

“We look forward to working with the school again soon, and hopefully, in the not too distant future, welcoming the children back to the Green Howards Museum itself so they can come and experience our entire collection.”