Risedale pupils take part in wellbeing day at Dalby Forest

A group of 40 pupils from Risedale School went to Dalby Forest for the North Yorkshire Sport Wellbeing Festival on Thursday.

The festival was enjoyed by more than 400 pupils from across the county who took part in activities such as archery, crafting, badminton, hula hooping and a 2KM forest colour run.

The focus of the festival was promoting wellbeing and engaging pupils in activities they would not normally do to develop new skills and build confidence.

The pupils in years 7, 8, and 9 were encouraged to try activities that were out of their comfort zones to build resilience and coping strategies.

Risedale School’s counsellor, Lisa Smith, was proud of her pupils.

She said: “Our pupils were fantastic.

“They all worked together as a team and encouraged each other throughout the day.”

The pupils also took part in mindfulness activities such as yoga and made badges and bracelets in the crafting tents.

They rode recumbent bikes and took part in a giant Jenga tournament – even beating the reigning Risedale Jenga master, Miss Vizor.

They also had the chance to listen to the international public speaker and former GB Olympic swimmer James Kirton.

Head of PE at Risedale Miss Brierley said: “The day was a huge success and our pupils did us proud.

“Thank you to all who took part, you were amazing.”