Risedale pupils take part in work experience with Army

A group of Year 10 pupils from Risedale School have undergone four days of work experience with the Army.

The Outreach Team based at Marne Barracks in Catterick delivered the course at the Otterburn Training Camp in Northumberland.

The pupils were treated like real recruits the moment they stepped off the minibus and were expected to follow all instructions with military precision.

They marched to their classroom and received their first briefing, informing them about course expectations and conduct guidelines followed by lunch in the cookhouse.

The pupils received classroom-based lessons including learning the six-section battle drills and practical lessons in the field.

They learnt how to create shelters using ponchos and took part in section attacks in some grueling weather conditions.

They cooked meals for themselves using traditional Army ration packs, wore combat uniforms, including helmets with scrim and applied camo cream to their faces.

The pupils also received medical training.

Isabelle Young, 15, was unsure about a career in the military but said: “The course has been really good.

“It has taught me a lot about the medical side of the military. It was a great experience, everyone was very supportive and we all had a laugh too.”

The pupils also had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with recruits who attend the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.

Pupil Katie Hill said: “I think it was a really good experience. I liked how we were able to talk to the recruits from Harrogate because I was able to ask them lots of questions and I am now a lot more confident about what I want to do.”

Risedale administrator Rochanne Hardstaff said: “Despite the course being both mentally and physically challenging, the pupils excelled and put their all into everything that was thrown at them.

“The reality of being away from home and school was something that all our young people found challenging but they proved that they were more than capable of conducting themselves in a positive manner which they should be extremely proud of.”

“The feedback I have received from the instructors was outstanding.

“I am delighted that all the pupils enjoyed the course and I am hopeful that we will be able to work in partnership with the military again to support further opportunities like this in the future.”