Risedale School celebrates pupils’ achievements

Colin Scott, headteacher, Emily Barratt and John Glahome, governor.

Pupils at Risedale School gathered for a night full of celebration last week, as awards were handed out for a range of achievements from academics to community work.

The night was attended by pupils, parents and teachers and was a chance to come together and shine a light on pupils’ achievements following a challenging year.

Hosted by James Yates, deputy headteacher, alongside Matilda Melody and Kingsley Green, lead and deputy lead senior pupil ambassadors, the night was packed full of awards and live performances including a rendition of All of Me by Faith Bretherick and Izzy Trueman on piano.

Year 7 pupil, Daniel Sharp, who has attended Risedale for only six weeks, also performed a poem of his own composition highlighting the work of Risedale School in building their pupils’ confidence.

Delegates included Deputy Chief Constable Phillip Cain and other alumni of Risedale.

Phillip came from a service background and attended the school from 1981 – 1986 and later went on to join the RAF.

Despite the structure of the school being similar to when he attended, the awards are a new occasion set up for the pupils.

Phillip said: “I’m really privileged to come back and see the children today and it’s really humbling for me to see what they’re achieving at school.  The school has come a long, long way.

“When I’ve spoken to the Headteacher and staff, their passion and desire for these young people to succeed is what makes this school really special; I can see how hard everyone is working on behalf of the kids.”

The event was also attended by Angie Dale, town councillor and Mayor of Colburn, Jim Turner. a school governor and Garrison Commander and Amanda Newbold, assistant director of education and skill for North Yorkshire.

Amanda said: “The awards are for pupils who have gone above and beyond that extra mile in their subjects and really overcome challenges and achieved the highest standard.

“Many pupils were talking about how they have helped others in their class which really showcases that Risedale are a family of learners.”

Excellence awards were presented for each subject for both key stage three and key stage four pupils.

These awards aim to celebrate pupils who have shown dedication and enthusiasm for the subject and a drive to succeed.

Shen O’Neill won the award for excellence in Geography after showing a great understanding of worldwide issues, getting involved in debates and working hard to use his ideas and ambition to seek improvements.

Shen said: “Risedale provides a lot of support for those who are struggling whilst also challenging students who aren’t.

“Mr Yates, my maths teacher,  his way of explaining things and the way he went about teaching was extremely supportive, he fuelled my passion for maths.”

Grace Hoe was congratulated with an award for KS3 Art and Design after embracing every at-home challenge throughout the last 18 months, showing enthusiasm throughout,  becoming skilled and confident in a range of techniques.

Grace said: “I do a lot of drawing at home and I love drawing cartoons and characters so Risedale has really helped me creatively as I’m hoping to be an animator in the future.

“The best thing is the teachers who are always here to help you.”

Emily Barratt was a multi-award winner and was recognised for her excellence in German and science as well as an outstanding academic achievement award for approaching all her subjects with an incredible amount of effort and determination.

Emily said: “If you have a task in class and you finish that early they always have an extra something prepared for you to push you and challenge you which is really helpful.”

The night didn’t just cover academic achievements though, with the Soroptmist’s Cup for citizenship and outstanding leadership being awarded to Olivia Bainbridge for her services going above and beyond during covid lockdown.

Olivia went to work with her mum every day to their local community centre where she helped make meals and other food supplies for the vulnerable and elderly.

Alongside this, she made masks and helped with the organisation of materials used to make scrubs for our emergency services, playing a vital role in helping the community.

Mr Scott, Risedale’s headteacher, said: “It’s been absolutely brilliant, the fact that after the last year and a half of lockdown we are now able to get together and celebrate the achievement of our young people.

“Yes, you can give them electronic certificates and hold ceremonies online but to be able to share that experience with the families and staff and with the kids to be able to stand up and be proud is fantastic.”

A full list of award winners can be found on the school website.