Risedale School commemorates D-Day anniversary

Risedale School commemorated the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings with a heartfelt assembly honouring veterans yesterday.

Pupils had been studying the meticulous preparations made by Allied forces in the years leading up to the day.

This included learning about the formidable Atlantic Wall and the courage displayed by paratroopers who disrupted German defences in occupied France.

The entire school community participated in remembrance activities.

Tutor groups and classes channelled their gratitude into heartfelt posters for a grand display.

Local veterans and members of the community served as judges for the ‘thank you’ themed competition.

The assembly included tributes to fallen soldiers from the pupils.

Some delivered powerful prose, while others expressed their emotions through poetry.

“We were truly honoured to have veterans join us for this significant event,” said Mr Houlgate, head of history at Risedale.

“These commemorations hold deep meaning for our local community, reminding us of the sacrifices made to secure our freedom.”

Veteran Mark Hill MBE, representing the Catterick Historical Archive alongside fellow veterans Knile Albertson-Prescott and Paula Rogers, said: “It was a privilege to be at Risedale’s D-Day assembly, especially after having my poem read out in Normandy the previous day.

“Witnessing young people learn about this pivotal moment in history – we will remember them.”

The Veterans Historical Archive also hosted a school-wide competition inviting pupils to create D-Day tributes.

The judging process for these creative posters proved challenging, highlighting the exceptional quality of the entries.

“Congratulations to everyone who participated,” said Mr Hill.

“Well done to everyone at Risedale. You are a credit to the school.”

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