Risedale School raises more than £600 for Children in Need

Risedale School has raised more than £600 for Children in Need.

Pupils were encouraged to come to school in their own clothes for a £1 donation, and the school hall was transformed into a bustling marketplace of activities, games, cakes, and treats.

The highlight of the event was the ice bucket challenge, where teachers bravely volunteered themselves to be drenched in buckets of ice water.

Pupils then made donations to vote for the teacher they wanted to see get soaked.

The teacher with the most votes would receive the icy treatment.

In a surprising turn of events, head of PE Miss Brierley, who was initially nominated for the challenge, managed to evade the icy plunge by strategically donating £10 to divert votes towards her colleague, head of history Mr Houlgate.

As a result, Mr Houlgate emerged as the most voted-for teacher and received the full force of the ice bucket.

Other popular activities included a bake sale, raffle, beat the goalie challenge, art sale, guess the number of sweets, guess the baby’s name, guess the name of the bear, guess the weight of the jar, and bookstall.

Senior teacher, Mrs Hailwood, said: “We are incredibly proud of our pupils and staff for their generosity and support for BBC Children in Need.

“The event was a fantastic success, and it is heart-warming to see the Risedale Family coming together to support such a worthy cause.”

You can see photos from the event and a video of the ice bucket challenge here: https://www.risedale.org.uk/news-and-dates/latest-news/details/children-in-need-23