Risedale Sports and Community College to be renamed as Risedale School

Risedale pupils with blazers featuring the new logo.

Risedale Sports and Community College is to be renamed as Risedale School.

From September 2021, the school will also have a new logo and new website, with school leaders saying the changes will reflect where the school is now and its bright future ahead.

The school was previously known as Risedale School, however the name Risedale Sports and Community College was adopted as part of the specialist schools programme in the UK introduced in the 1990s.

The programme enabled secondary schools to specialise in certain fields, in this case, PE, sports and dance.

The specialist schools programme ended in 2010 but the school’s name remained.

Headteacher Colin Scott said sport remained a key aspect of the school community.

However, he added: “We want to reflect what Risedale School is now — not what it was.

“There is so much more to Risedale than sport and the new name, and bright, fresh branding highlights that.”

Mr Scott said another reason for the change in name was the school’s previous federation with Northallerton College, which ended in 2017.

“The school is now ready to complete the transformation of the new identity as a separate entity,” he added.

Mr Scott also added: “Our pupils are at the centre of this exciting journey and a team of young people created the new strapline and mission to match the new name. So Risedale School – ‘A Family of Learners’ really sums up what all pupils and staff are engaged with – that incredible group endeavour of learning together”.

All current pupils will be given a new free badge featuring the new logo to iron onto their blazers over the old St Cuthbert’s cross on the pocket, with the new logo featuring on uniform ordered in the future.

The logo and website have been designed by Aske-based Purple Creative Studio.

Mr Scott said the pandemic had been extremely challenging for all schools, including Risedale.

However, he paid tribute to the staff and pupils for their resilience.

To aid homeschooling during the lockdowns, as well as help pupils after their return to school, Risedale supplied all pupils currently in Year 7 and Year 9 with a free laptop. With the new financial year starting next month by September this year all of its pupils in all year groups will benefit from a personal issue device at no cost to parents.

The school has also appointed a full-time counsellor to help the wellbeing of its pupils and staff.

You can find out more information about Risedale School by visiting www.risedale.org.uk/about-us/welcome/risedale-school