Rishi Sunak condemns violence but backs peaceful and lawful protests

Rishi Sunak MP addresses the YFC forum at Thirsk Auction Mart.

Rishi Sunak has condemned the violence which has taken place at some Black Lives Matter protests but has given his support to those who have protested peacefully and within the law.

The Richmond MP said in a statement issued on Twitter about the protests, which have occurred across the country following the death in the US of George Floyd at the hands of the police, that as a British Asian he knew racism existed in Britain.

He added: “And I know people are angry and frustrated.

“They want to see, and feel, change. But a better society doesn’t happen overnight – like all great acts of creation, it happens slowly, and depends on the cooperation of each of us toward that common goal.”

The Chancellor said we had inherited a country “far more inclusive and fairer than at any point in its history”.

“Does this mean our story is over? No, but we shouldn’t ignore the hard work of the many generations who came before us.

“To the small minority who committed acts of violence and vandalism last weekend, not only were your actions criminal, but they also perpetuate a dangerous lie: that the temporary excitement of destruction is the same thing as change. You are, and always will be, wrong.

“But to the vast majority who seek only peaceful protest within the law and a better future for themselves and their children: whilst our progress feels slow, I promise you it is permanent.”



  1. See you on Sunday!

    Gathering at the Obelisk in Richmond Town Centre, we’re inviting people to stand together against the racism in our society.
    Marshals will be there to help anyone attending and will be on standby to take action, if needed, to remove anyone who tries to cause disruption. They will also help to disband the gathering safely afterwards. Local police have been notified of this event.
    his event should last about 30 minutes and will be conducted in a peaceful and safe manner. In this time we will listen to two brilliant speakers, hold a silent kneel for 9 minutes and end with a reflective poem before we walk away holding any signs/ banners. Marshals will make sure that this is done safely, and in line with social distancing regulations. We aim for this event to send a passionate and powerful message to our local community.

    We kindly ask that masks are worn at all times and that you come prepared with anything else that might come in handy such as snacks, hand sanitiser, water and an open mind. Please remember to take any litter home with you, as it’s important that we respect our environment.

    Bring knowledge, and the willingness to learn more! This is in addition to any signs and posters you like, and invite your friends and family down to learn more about this cause. Please attend only if you are sure you won’t put us, or any members of your household at risk.

    We hope to see you there, to stand united against racism not only in Richmondshire, but in the world.

    • I am not commenting in relation to your cause or right to protest. Putting that aside. The government guidelines on Covid-19 state that gatherings of up to 6 people from different households are allowed outdoors. I’m assuming that this group is intended to be bigger than that. Can you explain why this does not apply in this case.

    • Thankyou for organising this event and also for doing so in a responsible and inspiring manner. We need to stand together and say NO to racism as this is not just a U.S. issue it’s also a Richmondshire issue. I will be taking the appropriate actions re. social distancing and bring an open mind re. social building.

  2. Well, bad guys, Mr. Sunak is reminding you that you cannot lawfully have more than six people at your social gathering, and the police are quite obviously not going to give you advance approval for any gathering of more than six people that would violate current laws that are designed to prevent virus spread. So if you have two speakers and one steward, that leaves you with just three permissible law abiding protesters if you don’t want to be the bad guys. All lives matter in Richmond, we don’t discriminate based on colour!

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