Rishi Sunak retains Richmond seat as nation faces hung parliament

Rishi Sunak. Photo: Guy Carpenter.


Conservative Rishi Sunak has been re-elected to Parliament after increasing his majority in the Richmond constituency.

Labour Party candidate Dan Perry also his increased his party’s share of the vote at a General Election which has led to a hung parliament.

However, the Tory candidate now has a huge 23,108 majority, compared to 19,550 in 2015.

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Rishi received 36,458 votes in total and Dan Perry 13,350.

Tobie Abel, for the Lib Dems, got 3,360 votes, Yorkshire Party’s Chris Pearson received 2,106 votes and Fiona Yorke, from the Green Party, got 1,739  votes.

The turnout was 70.5 per cent, compared to 64.7 per cent two years ago.

In neigbouring seats Labour’s Jenny Chapman kept her job in Darlington, while the Conservatives’ James Wharton lost his seat in Stockton South.

The Conservatives held Skipton and Ripon, Thirsk and Malton and Scarborough and Whitby, while the Tories took Middlesbrough South and Cleveland East from Labour.

Nationally, the Conservatives fell short of the 326 seats needed to hold a majority, meaning the party will need to rely on others to form a government.

Theresa May will end with fewer seats than when she called the election, with commentators saying the decision to go to the polls three years early has backfired.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on Mrs May to resign – but she said the country needed stability.