Motorist seriously hurt in two-vehicle collision

A motorist was seriously hurt in yesterday’s accident between Catterick Garrison and the A1.

The two-vehicle collision occurred on the new stretch of the A6136 near the Catterick Central junction.

The driver of one vehicle suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to hospital.

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The occupants of the other vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

The new road between Catterick Garrison and the A1 reopened at about 9.45pn last night following the accident at about 5pm.

Police, fire crews and paramedics attended the scene.

Traffic heading east was diverted via Catterick Bridge and back to the A1 via Catterick Village and the new local access road.


  1. I hope the injured motorist makes a full and rapid recovery. Sadly, I fear that this won’t be the only occasion when collisions occur on this stretch of road, which seems to have been designed to create increased hazard to drivers. The change of priorities at Catterick Bridge creates considerable danger for traffic turning right from Catterick Village heading towards Brompton. Traffic heading south has a very limited view of the junction because of the closemess of the bridge. At present there is a 30mph speed limit, observed by a minority of motorists. Apparently, the idea of a roundabout was rejected in the interests of economy. At the very least, the approach to the junction should be reinforced with rumble strips to reinforce the need for caution. A similar situation prevails where the road from Catterick Bridge meets the slip road from Catterick Central junction towards Colburn. Again, some reinforcement of the need for extra caution seems necessary. This is particularly the case during the morning and evening rush hours when traffic to and from Garrison is particularly heavy. In view of the considerable increase in traffic likely to be generated from all the new house construction currently taking place in the area, this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

  2. This junction will have more accidents – badly designed to cope with flow of traffic from the Garrison – should have been a roundabout

  3. When the plans for the local Leeming 2 Barton new A1M were first published for comment (many years back) the local Parish Council, Brough with St Giles, pointed out their misgivings concerning the junction where the A6136 meets the Catterick Garrison road and asked for a roundabout. At every opportunity since those early days the Parish Council has reiterated their concerns. It is understood that even the workmen building the junction named it “suicide corner”. Sadly we have now seen the results of a badly planned junction. Local people could see what planners in other places could not, it is plainly obvious to us all.

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