UPDATED: Road closed after car overturns

A road had to be closed today after a car overturned.

The incident occurred on the road towards Richmond from Half Penny House.

Police, paramedics and a fire crew from Richmond attended the scene.

The occupants were out of the vehicle when the emergency services arrived and were uninjured.

The vehicle came to rest on its roof in the middle of the carriageway.

The road was closed at the junction at the bottom of the hill and above the incident on the road towards Richmond until the vehicle was removed.

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  1. I think this nasty down hill bend in the road after travelling for over a mile on a wide straight road would maybe benefit from some larger warning signs before someone comes across the road head on into someone coming up the hill and kill’s them.

    This isn’t the first time drivers have over shot this corner in the road. They usually go straight across the road and down the bank after crossing the path of any motorists that maybe coming up the hill.

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