Road closure plans discussed at Muker Parish Council

Muker in Swaledale. Photo: Gullwing Photography.



Toilet Lights Muker –Cllr Blows informed the meeting that he had spoken with Gary Hudson of RDC. A timer had been fitted and Gary Hudson was under the impression that the bulbs were 5 watt LEDS and therefore felt that the matter had been resolved. However Cllr Blows had informed him that the issue was not the times at which the lights were on but the intensity of the lights and that they could not be only 5 watts.  An engineer has been requested to check the wattage of the bulbs. Gary Hudson had also responded regarding the Toilet charges being waived for Muker Show day, he was going to run this past Colin Dales and get back to the Parish Council. There was also concern regarding the opening times of the toilets as members of the meeting felt that 8.00pm was too early to close the toilets particularly in the Summer months.

Cattle grid Ravenseat – Highways have repaired the fence.

Cattle grid Ivelet – Highways have raised an order to clear out the cattle grid.

Grass Cutting Muker – The Clerks had requested that the areas in the Village be added to the schedule for grass cutting however there is some confusion has to who is carrying out the grasscutting of the verge, neither Highways or RDC say they do it.

Muker Car Park – Pot Hole – Gary Hudson of RDC has had a contractor inspect the pot hole and it is to be repaired in September.

Street Light – Part Night Lighting – there hasn’t been any feedback from members of the Parish regarding this issue. Members of the Parish are reminded that if they have a view on whether certain street lights should be turned off to reduce energy consumption between the hours of Midnight and 5.00am they are requested to contact the Parish Clerks or their Local Councillor.


Silver Hill  – Cllr Blackie informed the meeting of his concerns regarding a NYCC Contractor who has informed NYCC that they wish to stop gritting the section of road between Silver Hill and West Stonesdale as it is unsafe for the grit wagon. Cllr Blackie and those present at the meeting felt that this was totally unacceptable. Highways have suggested that the works to improve the bend on Silver Hill is larger and more complicated than first thought and will be carried out next year. Clerks to write to NYCC Highways expressing the Parish Councils concerns regarding gritting.

Northern Power Grid works Keld – Cllr Blackie explained the issues surrounding the works to be carried out in Keld, with the road potentially closed for 5 weeks in September and also a diversion of approx 35 miles for 60 meters of road closure. The works have now been moved to October and instead of a 5 week closure, the road into the village will be closed for 3 weeks, with traffic lights by the memorial with occasional waits of no longer than 10 minutes.

Richmondshire D.C

Greenlands – Premises Licence – An application for a premises licence in respect of a B&B had been received by RDC. – The Parish Council had no objections to the application.


Commons Act – Application Thwaite Common – A notice to amend the register to record an historic event for a new right of entry to exercise 36 sheep gaits over Thwaite Common.  The notice has been displayed on the notice board for information.

Commons Act Application Ivelet Pasture   – A notice of an application to correct the register – to change the name and address of the right holder – The notice has been displayed on the notice board for information.


Planning Application High Frith – A planning application had been received for the Re-Occupation of a former House – The Parish Council had no objections.

Planning Application Crowtrees  and Crook Seal  – The applications have been approved conditionally

Planning Application Kisdon View – A new application for Kisdon View Angram had been received. The Parish Council were in support of the new application and felt that it would meet the neighbour’s objections whilst giving the applicant the building they need.

Planning Application Foal Ings  Muker – A planning application had been received for the erection of a single storey extension – The Parish Council had no objections.

Tree Works – A notification had been received informing the Council that YDNP had given consent to fell one Leylandii located at Greenacres Angram.

YLCA:  SSSI Consultation –The Chairman read out an e-mail from YCLA regarding a consultation on Bye Laws on site of Special Scientific Interest. The Chair read out a Statement of Policy from Natural England. Clerks to send information to Councillors for information.


NHS New Online NHS111 – An e-mail had been received from NHS stating that residents of Richmondshire can now access the NHS 111 service online as well as over the phone  Clerks to place posters on the noticeboards.

Samaritans – The Samaritans had written to thank the Parish Council for allowing them to fund raise in the parish.

Angram Commoners Association – Fence Angram and Thwaite Common – A letter had been received from Mr Alan Coates the Chairman of the Association informing the Council of a proposal to erect a fence along the boundary between Angram and Thwaite Commons. The reason behind the proposal is that there is movement of sheep between the two commons, which is hindering the management of Angram common both for agriculture and conservation. Both areas are SSSI and will be entering a new ten year stewardship scheme with Natural England. The Chairman proposed that there were no objections.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:  Thursday 27 September 2018. 7.30pm