Road cyclist gets lost on moors due to sat nav error

Photo: SMRT.

A road cyclist got lost after going off-road when following their sat nav yesterday.

Members of Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team were called out by police to find the rider on hills near Masham.

A SMRT spokesperson said: “It appeared that a road biker had followed (their) sat nav a bit too closely and ended a bit off tarmac.

“Once located we attempted to relocate them with a track but low cloud and fog prevented this.”

Rescue volunteers instead recovered the bike and the cyclist using their team Land Rover “just as the fog cleared and the sun came out”.


  1. Has an off road cyclist for over 40 years what posses these people to use technology without established hard copy mapping to support it has back up in rural remote areas, these imbocile’s should be charged rescue & recovery fees!!

  2. Many be better and cheaper for all concerned if next time they go out on there bike just do it the good old fashioned way and follow the road signs and throw the Sat Nav over a wall in to the long grass.

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