Road safety concerns over former Skeeby post office redevelopment

The building in Skeeby. Photo: Google.

Planning officers have raised concerns about a plan to build a house on the site of Skeeby’s former post office and shop.

Planners at Richmondshire District Council are recommending councillors refuse the application when they meet next week.

The application has been submitted by the building’s owner, Euro Property Management, which also owns the village pub.

It seeks to demolish the building, which was most recently used as a tattoo studio, and build a two-bedroom house on the plot.

Nine objections to the plans have been received by the district council from local residents, as well as a 31-name petition.

Residents point out that Linden Road, next to the plot, is a private road and the applicant has no vehicular access
rights over it.

They add that the house would reduce visibility for motorists coming onto Richmond Road from Linden Road, and there is insufficient parking for the new house which would mean occupants parking on either Linden Road or Richmond Road.

Skeeby Parish Council has not raised any concerns about the application.

The county council’s highways department however said it had concerns about safety for both pedestrians and vehicles because of the lack of visibility from the proposed property along Richmond Road.

This has prompted council officers to conclude that the application should be refused.

Their report concludes: “Redevelopment of the site has the potential to be a positive enhancement to the character and appearance of this part of the Skeeby Conservation Area; to provide a small contribution to the housing targets of the Local Plan; and to provide a financial contribution in accordance with the expectations of Policy CP6 of the Core

“However, based on the current standards of the Highway Authority, the proposed development would give rise to issues of vehicular and pedestrian safety, due to poor visibility.”

The application will go before councillors at a meeting on Tuesday.

For more information on the plans, click here.


  1. People seem to forget that this site has lapsed planning permission for a 3 bed detached house with integral garage exactly the same as what has been applied for this time

    It’s seems that Euro Property Management are the problem here and not the proposal.

  2. It doesn’t matter what permission this plot had historically, it still will mean the visibility from Linden Road onto Richmond Road will be even more compromised than it is already. Driving in and out of Linden Road every day, I can tell you is not easy. You have to pull out to see what is coming and if anyone is parked just up Linden Road, there are frequently times traffic is halted as there is not space for two cars. This week my husband had a near miss and I have had multiple near misses here too. It’s just not viable to put a house here on the very front part of the plot.

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