Road through Hawes to shut for five weeks

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The A684 through Hawes is to close for five weeks for resurfacing work.

The road will be shut after Easter with highways bosses hoping the work will be completed by the May Bank Holiday.

Businesses in the town were given a briefing on the closure today.

Further meetings with residents are planned.

County councillor Yvonne Peacock said she knew the closure would cause a lot of inconvenience for local residents and businesses.

The plan is to carryout the work during the day on weekdays in several phases with access maintained for residents.

The councillor said the work had to be done now to take advantage of the Government safer roads funding, which has already paid for other work on the A684, including new lay-bys and changes to the lay-out and resurfacing work in Leyburn.

It is understood delays with work in the area by Yorkshire Water mean it could not be done earlier.

“The repairs are desperately needed.

“It isn’t ideal at all and it’s going to affect local businesses, but the resurfacing has to be done now.”

Cllr Peacock said the work could not be done at night, as happened recently in Leyburn, because of the number of residents properties close to the road.

She said the work was much more in-depth than just surface dressing with the road sinking in several places.

Hawes district councillor and chair of the parish council, Jill McMullon, said the work would have a “devastating affect” on local businesses.

She added: “The first anyone in Hawes knew about today’s meeting was when letters were put through doors of businesses on Monday evening — the parish council has received no notification which is unacceptable.

“Having viewed the plans, it is proposed to close the high street to traffic from 9am to 5pm for five weeks.

“This will have a devastating affect on businesses, who are only just starting to recover from both covid and the Yorkshire Water works which sadly was far from satisfactory.

“Emergency services need access as do our shops for their regular deliveries. This will have a huge detrimental affect on the town and a better solution must be found. Why can’t it be done overnight as it was in a Leyburn?”

A Hawes business owner, who asked not to be named, said: “The work has to be done but they have chosen a way of doing it – and at slow speed – which will cause massive disruption to everyone and significant costs to local businesses.”

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