Roads cleaned around Catterick Village after complaints

Mud on the road between Catterick Village and the racecourse.

Mud has been cleaned off roads around Catterick Village over the last two days following complaints.

North Yorkshire County Council has acted following reports of dirt on the road between Catterick Village and Catterick Bridge.

It is understood this from wagons from a nearby housing development.

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Swale Lane has also been cleaned following reports of mud on this road.

Flood defence work to protect fishing ponds is currently ongoing near the river.

Road sweepers have been cleaning both roads over the two days.

Highway officers are monitoring the situation and slippery road signs have also been erected.


Local county councillor Carl Les inspected the roads on Thursday and reported back to officers.

He said that while the road between Catterick Village and the racecourse was being cleaned when he attended, Swale Lane was particularly muddy.

Richmondshire Today spoke to one local who said he had reported the state of the roads several times.



  1. The state of the roads in Catterick Village, along Leeming Lane and Swale Lane is a continuing disgrace. Did the councillor Carl Les notice the significant damage to the road, Swale Lane, directly caused by the trucks visiting the fishing lakes? There are multiple trucks per HOUR causing road damage, mud on the road and splattering parked vehicles to great annoyance, not to mention the noise from them. This damage is getting worse very quickly.
    I noticed a lot of mud on the roads yesterday but this was between the village, along Leeming Lane to the new service road. Residents should be consulted on such an increase in heavy good traffic to a school route where children walk to school and be notified as to how long this will go on for.

  2. This has been a problem for some time now. Not only are the roads covered in mud , the pavements and those who live on the high street there properties are to. It’s lorries coming from Pallet hill and the building site close by, these companies should be made to clean up the village roads daily.

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